Shore ROLATV Rollable Floor Rising Screen For Ultra Short Throw Projector

Prix de vente$3,299.00

Size: 100"

Born for Ulta Short Throw Laser Projector

New projection mode.excellent anti light effect

A Projection Screen

That Rises From The Ground.
It can be triggered at any moment, opening your home theater in 30 seconds, with no need for installation through holes in the wall.

Outstanding Light Resistance

You can even watch movies during the day and with the lights on.

Screen Material Features

UST Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material
The interference light source above is absorbed by the TPU special prism,
and the light source projected by the laser TV below is reflected in parallel.

Upgraded perforated sound-transparent design

0.4mm Perforated Acoustic Aperture Design at the Bottom of the Screen Eliminates
'Covering Sensation', Achieving 3D Surround Sound Experience

Brand new tension system, smooth fabric

The era of wrinkled screens is over. With our new tension system
and ring-pull design, the screen is as smooth as a mirror

4K HD Visual Feast

Support 4k ultra high definition projection to build luxury HD home theater

Bigger Screen

Greater Visual Enjoyment Farewell to the era of small screen,choose a bigger screen,let the visual enjoy a greater sense of impact.

Bigger Size

More Wonderful Visual Enjoyment
Screen size:100”-120“

Panoramic View

Multiple people share a 170° HD view,
no matter where they sit,Enjoy the same
clear,gorgeous 4k HD picture

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