Shore ROLATV Rollable Laser TV Cabinet -Pre-sale

Sale price$4,999.00

size: 100"-Cabinet 2500* 600mm* 350mm

ROLA TV UST Projector Cabinet

Customize Your Home Theater Location To Your Preference

Quick And Easy In Three-Minute Installation

Effortlessly installation within three simply steps, seamlessly blending with any home decoration style to enhance elegance for your room.

Power Up Your Home Theater With Just A Remote Click

Simply press the remote control to activate the ust projector, cabinet, and floor rising screen automatically.

Automatic Recording UST Projector Position

No need for manual adjustments before viewing on next time

*Don't Worry, Our cabinet is available with the majority of ultra-short-throw projectors.

Acoustic Panels Specially Set For Speakers

The cabinet offers generous storage on both side and includes acoustic panels specifically designed for speakers to ensuring that you can enjoy the same sonic tone of audio and video to avoid the hassle of relocating your gear at the same time.

Streamline Cable Management. Bid Farewell To Cluttered Wires

Immersive Experience

Experience the immersive sensation of being part of the action with an expansive projection, allowing you to indulge in a luxurious feast for the senses.

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Awesome product. Work well and very good construction.